Louis Rossmann and the Right to Repair

Do you own the things you’ve purchased?

This is the simple question that Louis Rossman wants you to ask yourselves. I cannot put it better than he did, so I’ll just include his video.

The common man would think this is not something that is up for debate, but sadly it is not only up for debate it is increasingly seen on ballots all over the world. There are very large donors fighting for you not to be able to repair your own devices, including your cars, phones, TVs, computers, and even tractors. Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Microsoft, Apple, and John Deere are just a small sampling of the companies that are actively spending millions of dollars to convince the people that represent us to craft legislation that would make us mere lessees of property we are required to pay full price for, and in a sense not even that. Most lessees have some rights to remedy issues with the property they lease.

I had surgery last week and before that I was without internet for a good bit, so I apologize for the lack of updates. I’m still recovering meaning this one will be short. However, I highly encourage you to look into Louis Rossmann’s work and look even harder into the Right to Repair. This issue is central to the ideals of life, liberty, and property. If not confronted now, we face a future where nothing is owned by individuals and even our government has less power than the corporations they have so eagerly appeased.

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