’s Silence

On Advice of Counsel, I stopped making updates to this site months ago and will continue to not update it for the foreseeable future. You can contact me via email at

I have been contacted by the US Government concerning the January 6th Mostly Peaceful Protests that have been mischaracterized by the Select Committee, Resident Biden, members of the news media, and Democrats in Congress. Because of their continued political persecution of many still being held without bond on what are typically minor charges, I have no desire to speak with any of them.

If you wish to contribute to my legal fund, you can contact me at the above email address and I will provide you contact information.

You can also donate to a defense fund that has been setup for Veterans that have been arrested and charged in regard to the January 6th Mostly Peaceful Protests by visiting their GiveSendGo page here I am not associated with them in any way nor do they represent me.

If you are a member of the news media, I have no comment that I wish to provide on any topics.

I own and Uniform Resource Locators (URL or Domain Name), but I do not and have never owned the website, website source code, user data, post data, comment data, or any other data that went along with prior to February 2021.